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Quality Assurance

Our consistently receives the highest ratings from our clients for quality and customer satisfaction. We have created a state-of-the-art Quality Center, which features centralized monitoring in controlled environments, with a dedicated quality assurance staff to regularly measure and improve the quality of our services.


We have implemented a scalable, technical infrastructure that can flexibly support growing client volume while delivering the highest levels of service. Our customer contact centers feature state-of-the-art technologies, including predictive dialers, digital switching, digital recording, workforce management systems and automated call distribution systems.

Data Security & Backup

Our data center is highly secure, accessible to authorized personnel only. A keycard system automatically records each time a person enters the center, and closed circuit cameras record all activity. All Data is backed up on regular basis at different site to re-ensure data security.

Digital & Audio Transcription Services

Audio Transcription is the transformation of verbal and audio materials into text. We specialize in the transcription of interviews, meetings, focus groups, investigations, legal dictation, court hearings, insurance reports, scope of works, finance, medical, medico-legal and media transcription.

We have gained a reputation for providing clear, timely, and affordable transcription, and we pride ourselves on offering a level of service which is highly-personalized to each client’s need. We go the extra mile to ensure your work is completed efficiently and cost-effectively.